Le DLM Forum vient d'annoncer la publication de MoReq2, la deuxième version de la Model Requirements Specification for the Management of Electronic Records.

La FAQ du site nous résume les différences entre les versions 1 et 2:

MoReq2 is an evolutionary development of MoReq. Their basic structures are similar, and they are based on the same concepts. However, there are many differences at a detailed level. The main differences are:
- MoReq2 will be accompanied by a testing framework and a testing regime. MoReq had neither. One effect of this is that the language used in MoReq is more precise and rigorous – which is why MoReq2 is so much longer..
- MoReq2 will be the subject of formal governance by the DLM Forum. MoReq was not.
- MoReq2 will be accompanied by an XML schema. MoReq was not.
- MoReq2 is modular. There is a “core” of basic record keeping requirements, and optional modules for functionality that is needed by some organisations but not others.
- MoReq2 recognises the need to store electronic records not only in files and volumes (as in MoReq) but also sometimes in sub-files and in classes.
- MoReq2 includes a metadata model that is much more complete than the model in MoReq.